ARC Xenon

These ARC Bulbs are a premium upgrade for vehicles with factory-fitted Xenon HID headlights. Available in a range of colour temperatures, you can make sure you get the exact look you want from your headlights, for the perfect mix of style & safety.

  • The latest technology
    brighter, crisper and purer light than standard bulbs
  • Impressive lifespan
    up to 2500 hours, no need to replace for a long time
  • Fantastic 2 year guarantee
    for peace of mind.

Why buy ARC bulbs?

An even spread of light projects a crisp beam pattern so the colour won’t dazzle oncoming drivers, making sure you’re seen. without distracting other drivers. This advanced type of light will also help reduce eye fatigue, providing you with a much more comfortable drive and safer journey.

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