The amount of illumination your headlights provide is a vital factor in your safety whilst on the road, and certainly something worth investing in. No longer will your driving be hindered by darkness, our daylight bulbs will astonishingly turn night, into what seems to be day!

  • Provides 120% more light than standard bulbs
    Providing enhanced illumination for a better reaction time.
  • Won’t burn out quickly
    unlike some other extra bright bulbs.
  • 2 year guarantee
    get the most out of your Daylight120 Bulbs.

Why should I buy Daylight bulbs?

Our Daylight Bulbs provide a great helping hand on those dark, cold nights by providing 120% more light than a standard halogen bulb. With 120% extra light, you’ll be able to spot hazards far quicker, giving you longer to react and greatly reducing the risk of an accident.

Who likes changing their bulbs all the time? No one does, especially when extra bright bulbs can burn out extremely quick. Our Daylight120 bulb has been created to last longer and not burn out as quick as other extra bright bulbs; and to top it all off, Twenty20 has a 2 year warranty (from purchase date) to give you peace of mind.

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